Collin entered Real Estate as an investor focused on the foreclosure market. By 2006, his business was in full boom! So he took the next step. In 2007, he added a California Real Estate Broker license to his Bachelor of Science in Business (Marketing), from the University of Arizona.
Now he specializes in the deep, still waters of the Napa Valley vineyard and winery sector. He limits his file load to a small group of loyal clients. With his unconventional methods and proprietary marketing strategy, Collin helps some of the region’s most prestigious wineries source their fruit.

His honesty, integrity, and incredible drive distinguish Collin in the intensely competitive Napa Valley Real Estate market. His determination, and business and financial savvy are complimented by his relaxed approach and joy in the industry. Together, they make him a pleasant professional, whose attention is highly prized.




Tarja Sovay, Online Strategist, Media Relations & Photographer

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from UCSD as a Media Relations Specialist, Tarja brings her creative eye and interpersonal skills together to create a strong online presence. Anchoring Visionaries, her own online business since 2009, has been supporting authors, coaches, architects, artists, musicians, non-profits, realtors and more for over 7 years.

With game changing strategies for connecting with people, she doesn’t believe in ‘marketing’ rather connecting at the heart of ones business and personal life to create trust and transparency.

She incorporates her passion for photography with our real estate needs and finds ways in which to capture the beauty and essence of a place. She facilitates our online presence with her writing, humor, kind and gracious manner. In addition to her creativity, she has worked as a personal office assistant for over 20 years in multiple sectors. Fluent in German and English, Tarja also brings in her international relations for a wider reach of global connections.





Our experience with Collin was a learning one for sure. We had never sold a property before so we relied on his expertise and he did not let us down. He went above and beyond to make sure we were informed on all aspects of the real estate dealings. Collin is the most hard-working and honest young man we have had the pleasure of working with. R & W Thomas



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